Meet The Pack


I have been involved with dogs for over 30 years, working for organisations such as, Dogs Trust and guide dogs for the blind. I recently gained a qualification in canine behaviour and psychology and I am currently training to be a wedding planner and civil celebrant, so supplying doggy goody bags at weddings seems to be a skill set marriage made in heaven.

Finance and Creative Director


I have been around dogs all my life, my parents being in Welsh Springers for over 25 years and owning a boarding kennels for 20+ years. I enjoy my dogs shows, where I show my curly coated retriever or any of my friends dogs when needed.  I also judge retriever and spaniels.

IT and Manufacturing Director


Comet is our 9 year old rescue Saluki who is extremely fussy when it comes to treats, so he is our head of treat selection - if he wont touch it neither will we!

Head of Treat Selection

Leia is our 4 year old Curly Coated Retriever, who unlike her line manager, Comet, is not fussy on what she puts in her mouth!


Treat Selection Annalist

Misty & Moss (The twins)

These guys are now 7 and let you know when anyone is around. This also means protecting the treats from Leia!

THE Treat Security team

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