The Story of Just Add Dogs

Just Add Dogs was set up by Justin and Addriana when they were looking for a way to include their dogs in the wedding but with them not actually being there. Almost all of their friends and family have dogs so thought it would be a lovely idea to have treats for their guests to take home for their dogs.  They had seen sweet carts, doughnut stands, popcorn and candy floss vendors, but nothing that was suitable for their best friends!

After a lengthy internet search they found that there was nothing out there, this is when the original idea for homemade doggy treat bags and the cart was born.

Their passion for excellence has driven them from the beginning, and continues to drive them into the future. The team at Just Add Dogs knows that every product counts, and strives to make your special day just as special for your beloved dogs.


To learn more about Justin and Addriana check out the "meet the team" page or simply browse through the website to see the amazing doggy themed packages and other goodies.

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